Thursday, January 1, 2015

Best of 2014

I was inspired by my friend Kortni's blog to write this post.  Thanks Kort!  I don't feel like a did a great job documenting 2014.  To be honest my heart wasn't always in blogging this year.  It's 2-fold really.  Sometimes I think I write and no one cares (that's not motivating) and sometimes I'm too darn lazy.  I hope to get back to better blogging in 2015 because I know I'll be glad to have my journal and I could  stand to put a little more effort into something productive.  Anyway, here's my recap of 2014.  My highlight reel if you will.

We went to Hidden Valley Ski resort on one of the coldest days of the year.  It was a high that day of -8*.  Yes you read that correctly.  It paid off though because we had the place to ourselves and had a really great time.

I flew to Austin (with Ella) to visit friends and run the Austin Half Marathon.  

I had a great time reuniting with my Austin friends and have been counting down my days to go back.  I'm going again this year but for the 3M half marathon in January.

I signed up and participated in the CrossFit Open.  HOLY SH*T this is a BIG one.  I never thought I could do that and participating in the open (although I sucked) gave me the confidence I needed to push myself in CrossFit.

I might never be a great (good even) CrossFit athlete but I love what it does for me physically and mentally!  I can't wait for this year.  Bring on the nerves!!! 

We went to Disney World.  I love Disney and it will always be one of my favorite vacations.  It's just a happy place and you can't help but be happy there.  We created great memories and had a fabulous vacation.  

I started blogging for Panera and the Pittsburgh Marathon.  It was an honor to blog for Panera and I loved the experience.

Then you know... I ran the marathon. 

I ran with my friend Kortni who I met for the very first time 2 days prior.  We first were blog friends and are now real life friends.  It's not an accident people. God brings people together for a reason.  I honestly believe Kortni is in my life for a reason.  I don't know her like some of my friends that I've known for years, but Kortni feels more like a sister to me.  We are just connected. I hope she feels the same way.  Otherwise.... um I didn't say any of that.

The Pittsburgh Marathon is, of course, my favorite run to date.

Ella made her first communion.  I was so proud of her.  I loved watching her blossom in this type of environment.  She definitely makes her mama proud.

The boys started their lacrosse careers.  

Lacrosse is a brand new sport to our family and I was proud of the way the boys played.

I have a feeling, along with hockey, that this sport is here to stay. 

I loved watching them both play, but I particular loved watching Jack because that child showed no fear and would get in there and mix it up.  I had never seen this side of him before and I liked it!

We spent Memorial Day weekend at Tracey and Nate's camp.  We had a lot of fun riding 4 wheelers and such.  It's never a bad time in Kane, PA.  

We also went to the Kinzua Bridge State Park, which sparked an idea that you'll see later on in this post.

We rode the MS 150 with Tracey and Nate among other people too. It's a two day ride and a tradition I hope we'll keep for many years to come.

My sisters, sister in law and nieces and I all went to the Luke Bryan concert.  This was truly one of the highlights of my year.  We are rarely all together and definitely never just the girls, so this is a special time for me.  

I wish we could spend more time together.

Tracey and I embarked on an adventure to see the top 20 state parks in PA.  The first was the Kinzua Bridge.  This is us at McConnells Mill State Park.  I believe we hit 3 or 4 of the 20 this summer.  Not the effort we had hoped for.  We'll do better this summer.

Tracey and I ran the Dam Tri.  This was my second ever Olympic Tri.  Man that's hard.  ha!

We spent the 4th of July with my family at the lake.  This includes running the annual Friendly Frolic.  I got beat by Nicholas.  Womp Womp. 

Another highlight of the year was spending a fabulous week with the Corbins in Roatan, Honduras.  This vacation was once in a lifetime.  

The things we did were amazing, but the memories we made with great friends were priceless.  I wish I could go every year, but I may need to find a full time job!  ha! 

In early August Kortni came through Pittsburgh with her family and I finally go to meet the little faces that she blogs about all the time.  Samuel and Jack and Ella and Elena in particular hit it off.  Never fear Nicholas, we have yours and Emma's wedding planned already!  

Honestly, it was such a pleasure to meet Kortni's family and I loved having her in the city with her family.  We hit up the pirate game and Kentwood and had a great day both places.

George and I went on vacation to Las Vegas just the two of us.  This was our first ever alone vacation since having kids.  To say it was a good time is an understatement.  

We did what we wanted when we wanted and really got to relax and reconnect.  It was another highlight for sure.

I celebrated my 40th birthday with my amazing friends.  These girls really know how to make a girl feel special.  It was a great day and 40 hasn't been too bad!  

I ran the Ragnar Relay.  This is one of the most amazing experiences of my "athletic" career.  I didn't feel the sense of accomplishment like I did with a marathon, but I felt something different.  I felt really honored to run with all these ladies and I felt a bond with all of them.  Ragnar is an overall amazing experience.  Everyone should do it!

My dad made his annual trip to help us pick out pumpkins.  I'm so glad he still does this with us!  

The kids were Elsa, a morph skeleton and Captain America for Halloween.  They're pretty darn cute.  Of course halloween was cold and rainy.  BOO! 

Ella and I hosted her annual cookie making party.  I love hosting this little party and the girls always seem to enjoy it.  It's worth the headache, even at this time of year, to do something special for my girl.

We rang in the new year with friends old and new.  I feel so blessed to be surrounded by my amazing fiends and their families.  12 kids (one not pictured) and not one fight.  What better way to start 2015!  


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