Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Peek n Peak Resort Skiing Day

Last year we went skiing on the coldest day of the year.  Like really, it was -8* daytime high.  So when I picked today to go skiing, I figured it would just be the coldest day THIS year.  It was NOT.  It was cold and snowy, but not freezing.  It was actually perfect weather for skiing.  Go figure.

This year we chose to go to Peek n Peak just across the state line in Clymer, NY.  It was a great place for novices like ourselves, but I think it would be good for advanced skiers too and those that like tricks.  There were a lot of trick runs.

We started out and decided to go on a green run (the easiest) as that's what we are used to at other resorts.  I almost had a heart attack.  It didn't seem green to me.  You see I ski the whole time with my feet like a pizza or in a wedge and the snow was very hard and "crusty" and it was very hard to snow plow.  I didn't love it.

Of course the kids didn't mind and they went right down quickly and easily and happy as clams.

I was kind of disappointed at first because I'm very cautious and I really wasn't feeling comfortable, but the kids were having so much fun and wanted to move up to blue runs.  Ella took a spill on a blue run.  Luckily I was behind her because she had a heck of a time getting back up (she wasn't skiing with poles) and she was upset about it.

Nicholas and Jack went down these hills like it was their job.  They are both really good and Nicholas appears to have no fear.  Jack is a little more cautious, but I think that comes with being 7 and not 11.  

The next time we went down blue again and she was very cautious.  This time I wiped out.  My skis were still on the ground skiing along, but my knees were bent back and butt and back were dragging on the ground.  I finally figured out to turn my skis and finally came to a stop but not without first having my back full of snow. Time for a lunch break!  

After lunch and Nicholas having a taste of a few blue runs, he wanted to try a black diamond.  Jack was too scared to try and Ella wasn't even considering it.  We split off and George and Nicholas did the black diamonds and Jack, Ella and I stuck to blues.  

I kept trying to talk Jack into a black diamond because I knew he could do it, but he was intimidated by the label of the black diamond.  I knew he would regret it if we left and he hadn't tried it.  No dice.  He just wouldn't do it.  Wouldn't you know as soon as we were in the car the regret started to surface. I think if we had stayed just a little longer he would have tried it.  Oh well.

I'm so proud of Nicholas for skiing the black diamond runs.  This is only the third time in his life he's been on the mountain and only his second time on skis (last year he snow boarded).  It amazes me that kids can just do these things.  Is it all kids?  I wish we could go skiing more often, but a) who has the time and b) who has a money tree?

In case you're wondering... we had off school today.  It's the end of the grading period an we had this random Wednesday off.  That's why I chose this day to go skiing. I mean there was practically no one there, which is good for us because we seem to have troubles with the ski lift.  cough cough Jack cough cough.

Thanks for the great day Peek n Peak.  The days spent with my family and not a care in the world are my favorite.  


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