Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Races of 2014

I have the Timehop app.  Do you have this thing?  It's an app that shows you what you were doing on this day in history via your social media accounts.  It's pretty cool to take a walk down memory lane every day.  What I've realized is my life is like groundhog day.  I do pretty much the same thing year to year.  So why should today be any different.  3 years ago I posted "The Races of 2011."  I thought to myself when I read that, "I really didn't do that many races in 2014."  Well, you be the judge.

January:  Nothing

February: Austin Half Marathon 2:13:51.  I traveled to Austin to run this race and honestly didn't know what I had in me.  I wasn't in the best shape, but I honestly gave it my all that day because Bianca was by my side.  It was the best I could do that day and I was happy.

March:  Just a Short Run Half Marathon 2:11:53.  Again, I wasn't expecting much out of myself, but then wound up surprising myself with a half way respectable (for me) time.  I caught on with a pacer and he pushed me for the last 8 miles of the race to run fast and I wound up finishing faster than I expected.  Happy day.

April:  Nada 

May:  Pittsburgh Marathon 4:54:09.  Training for a marathon is no joke.   When you toe the line, there is so much work and sacrifice that has gone into it.  At the end of the race you just want to say it was all worth it.  Well it was!  Having Kortni by my side meant so, so much to me!

June:  The Dam Tri (Olympic Distance) 3:45:27.  After this race, I apparently was unhappy with my performance.  Looking back now, I'm happy to have exercised for almost 4 hours without dying.  Perspective.  I'm amazed my body can do that.  I'll take it.

July:  Friendly Frolic 2 miler 17:16:  I love running this race with my family, but I HATE running 2 all out miles.  Ugh.  

YMCA Sprint Triathlon 1:13:36.  Another Tri and I was pretty happy with my performance that day.  I wasn't the worst swimmer and again, I didn't die. Win. Win.  

August: Janney and the Y Triathlon Relay (with Kortni) 1:30:54.  My first ever relay triathlon.  I did the swim and the bike and Kortni did the run!  Poor Kort fell during the race, but finished strong.  We were 3rd for the all female teams.  Guess how many all female teams there were.  Yep, 3!  ha!

Steelers Gatorade 5k 27:21:  Ugh I wanted to break 27:00 for this 5k it was a big goal for hitting 40 years old.  I didn't do it, but I honestly can't blame anyone but myself.  I did try my best.  I know I gave it all I had that day.  Maybe next year?

September:  Ragnar Relay.  This wasn't a race per se, but it was an extremely fun adventure.  This ranks VERY HIGH on the list of best things I've ever done.  200 miles (17 for me) in 36 hours with the only sleep being had on the floor of the Van.  Doesn't that sound fun to you?  

October:  Quick Chick 10k 1:04:54.  My first race with Kim.  Is was the first, but certainly won't be the last.  I loved this race even though Kim hated it and hated me in the process.  Ha!  

Buffalo Creek Half Marathon 2:01:09:  Again a goal I didn't make.  It was heartbreaking for me, but I can appreciate my effort.  I definitely left it all out there.  

Novemer: EQT 10 miler 1:48:16.  This is one of my favorite races of the year.  I had such a great time running.  All I can think of when I think of this race is being happy.  I ran with Kim and she did amazing at this distance.  I can't wait to race this race in 2015. 

Drumstick Dash 4.6 miler 45:56.  This was another successful and VERY HAPPY race. It seems I found my happy running Mojo that day.  I'm loving that feeling.  

December:  Nothing 

So there you have it.  The races of 2014.  Yeah, I can see why I didn't want to write this post.  I hardly did ANYTHING.  It's funny how it all adds up in a year.  I can't wait to see what 2015 brings.  First race January 25th, 3M Half Marathon in Austin.  Bring it.  


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