Monday, February 9, 2015

CrossFit Open 14.1 Redux

I woke up this morning an checked Wodify the way I always do and was elated to see the workout was an Open workout from last year.   The workout was 14.1.  You can read about my workout from last year here.

The WOD consist of a 10 minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible) of:

30 DU (Double Unders)
15 Snatches (55 lbs)



Last year I scored a 106.  That means I got through 2 rounds and 16 DU.  I went back and read my recap of 14.1 and I was shocked at how hard the workout was for me.  Going into 14.1 I did NOT have my DU, I decided to do them single, single, double and I made it through.  Going into today I've gotten my DU but have never really been able to string any meaningful number together and certainly not consistently.

I was so excited when the 10 second countdown began.  I was excited to see how much I could improve.

I started off with the double unders and I couldn't believe it, but I actually strung some together.  I strung together quite a few actually-- like 15!  I was so excited I actually screamed.  How did that actually just happen.  Each time I attempted, I strung a decent number together.  6, 7, and even 20!!!!!  I can't even tell you how happy this makes me.

The only problem is, I do the "pike" (feet kick forward) and I expend sooooooo much energy doing the DU.  By the time I got to the snatches I was hunched over the bar trying to take some time to compose myself and get my breathing under control.

I don't care though.  I will take stringing DU together using a lot of energy versus not being able to do them at all.  I can continue to tweak things until I get it right.  I've come a far way so far and I hope I just continue to improve.

The snatches were definitely hard, but I took them a little at a time (5) and got through them.  I was working hard and was out of breath, but nowhere near what I described last year.  That AND I scored much higher than last year.

I made it through 3 full rounds, 30 DU and 4 more snatches.  Score = 169!  Hell yes!  I will take it.

Week after week I go to CrossFit and wonder if I'm even improving.  Well this shows me, I am absolutely improving and it makes me very happy.  Bring on 15.1


Sunday, February 8, 2015

2015 Race Plan

I've kind of been hemming and hawing about my race schedule this year.  As always, things can (and most likely WILL) change, but this is my plan for 2015.

January:  3M Half Marathon.  Yeah that already happened.  You can read the recap here.

Kortni, Me, Val 

February:  I wanted to do a 10k on Valentine's Day, but it has a late start time and conflicts with my son's hockey schedule.  Whomp Whomp.

March:  Shamrock Shuffle Half Marathon.  Somehow I got talked into doing a race I did NOT want to do, but I'm excited about it.  It's super hilly and I didn't want to do it because of that, but I decided to run with my friend Jaime and we plan to just HAVE FUN!  Those are the best races.  Seriously.... going for a 2:30 finish time.  Here's the elevation.

Elevation Chart.  HILLS!!!!!!!!!

April:  Pirates 5k Home Run.  I don't want to run another 5k, but I have to because I know I can improve my time and this is a flat fast place to do it.  Plus it's the Pirates!

At my last 5k in September 2014 

May:  Indianapolis Mini Marathon and Pittsburgh Half Marathon.  That's right 2 half marathons in one month.  In fact, they're on back-to-back days.  The Pittsburgh Half Marathon is my favorite race and it is ALWAYS the same weekend as the Indianapolis Mini.  I've always wanted to do the Mini, but didn't want to miss out on Pittsburgh.  I concocted this crazy idea to do the Indy Mini on Saturday and the Pittsburgh Half on Sunday and even managed to talk 4 other crazy ladies into it with me (pictured below).

Tracey and Kim

Kate (in the front).  Jaime (in the back) was sparred some how 

June:  MS 150.  I really enjoy this 2 day bike ride.  It's torturous, but it's for a good cause.

2014 MS Escape to the Lake 

Runcations 5k (in the Outer Banks).  This race will jut be for fun.  It's run on the beach on a Wednesday.  It's just a fun thing to do on vacation.  The last time I did it, was NOT fun and SUPER slow.

2013 OBX Sunrise 5k 

The Dam Tri.  This race (olympic distance) is the Sunday that I get back from vacation.  It's not ideal for sure, but after all the rest and relaxation, I should be good to go... go slowly.

2014 Dam Tri 
July:  Lake Latonka Friendly Frolic.  This is the 2 mile race I do with my family every year.  It's challenging for me (I hate running fast) but one of these days I'll beat Nicholas or my dad.  One can dream. 

2014 (less people attended than normal)
Moraine Butler Sprint Tri.  This race is low key and fun.  I think I'll always do it if I can because I enjoy the short swim and bike course.  I need to step up my game this year.  


Liberty Mile:  Maybe.  This is a one mile all out race.  

August:  I don't do anything when it's hot.  Haha.  I can't believe I don't have anything planned (that I can remember) in August.  I better remedy that.  Maybe my wallet could use a break.  

September:  The Great Race.  I need a FLAT FAST 10k and this is it.  It's actually down hill.  I've never done this hometown race but there's a conflict..... see below.  If I happened to not do Ragnar, I'll do the Great Race. 

Adirondacks Ragnar Relay.  I had SO MUCH fun with Ragnar last year that I really want to do it again this year.  Our team isn't set in stone yet, but we're getting there.  Hard to commit this far out.  

Van 2.  Love these ladies.  

October:  Quick Chick 10K.  If I don't do the great race, I'll do this race.  I want to race it this year and see what I can do.

Buffalo Creek Half Marathon.  It's just a must.  Small, local and flat.

2014 with Kim 
November:  EQT 10 miler.  I want to do this race and it will probably work out well for the taper, but I'm kinda hoping I'll be on a cruise when this race is happening.  Sacrifices.  We shall see!  

Philly Marathon.  My 4th attempt at 26.2 and hopefully a PR for me.  

December:  Christmas is here.  My wallet needs another break!  

So There you have it.  13 to 16 races/events.  Please don't add up the money spent.  Running is a cheap sport, remember? ha!  

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I'm a Runner XXXVI: Running a Sub-2 Half Edition

This is the 36th edition I've written of the I'm a Runner "series."  Wow, what more could I have to say about running?  You don't care?  Why are you here?   This is a running blog.  Well let's see if there's anything new to say.


I started running because someone believed I could and challenged me to run a half marathon.  At that time, I only wanted to survive.  I don't think I had "sub 2" half marathon dreams until I ran a 2:09 in Pittsburgh in 2010.  

I was a clumsy kid who never played sports in high school.  In college I met a friend who ran 5 miles a day and she mesmerized me.  I didn't realize people ran 5 miles for fun.  26.2?  Mind blown.  

When I ran my first half in November of 2009, I ran at a 10:29 pace.  Going sub 2 meant running a 9:08 pace.  That's 1:20 off per mile.  It took just over 5 years to get there, but the moment I crossed the finish line, I knew all the work was worth it.  

I ran most of the race with thinking about running (the worst kind of run).  Meaning, I was focused on what I was doing and couldn't focus on much else.  Often times I pictured myself suffering through a CrossFit WOD and how bad that sucks and just decided to treat every moment like the last 20 seconds of a WOD-- push no matter how bad it hurts.  

When I was just starting running, I don't think I cared about time.  It wasn't until I was a few races in that I put any pressure on myself to run "fast."  I'm excited to see where my running goes from here. 

My best marathon time is a 4:54.  I KNOW I can do better than that and (spoiler alert) I will when I run Philly in November.  

When I ran my sub 2 half, I got passed by a guy pushing a double jogging stroller.  True story.  

If I had to pick one race distance to run and could only run that distance for the rest of my life it would definitely be the half marathon.  It's my favorite.  Not too far, don't have to go too fast.  

As I crossed the finish line at 3M half marathon and went sub 2, I literally fell to my knees (pictured above).  It was a combination of physical exhaustion and being mentally overwhelmed.  It was a dream I didn't really let myself dream and.  I wasn't even 100% sure I had done it when I crossed.  It was that close. 

I love running in Austin in winter.  The weather for my race was perfect.  I miss Austin running.  

I almost always eat a bagel after a race, but after 3M I didn't eat any post race food that was provided.  I gave my son a banana and mini bagel, so he ate my share. 

I like that I've accomplished a running goal.  It took me 5 plus years to get here.  I can't wait to see what's in store for me in 2020.  Ha!