Monday, February 9, 2015

CrossFit Open 14.1 Redux

I woke up this morning an checked Wodify the way I always do and was elated to see the workout was an Open workout from last year.   The workout was 14.1.  You can read about my workout from last year here.

The WOD consist of a 10 minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible) of:

30 DU (Double Unders)
15 Snatches (55 lbs)



Last year I scored a 106.  That means I got through 2 rounds and 16 DU.  I went back and read my recap of 14.1 and I was shocked at how hard the workout was for me.  Going into 14.1 I did NOT have my DU, I decided to do them single, single, double and I made it through.  Going into today I've gotten my DU but have never really been able to string any meaningful number together and certainly not consistently.

I was so excited when the 10 second countdown began.  I was excited to see how much I could improve.

I started off with the double unders and I couldn't believe it, but I actually strung some together.  I strung together quite a few actually-- like 15!  I was so excited I actually screamed.  How did that actually just happen.  Each time I attempted, I strung a decent number together.  6, 7, and even 20!!!!!  I can't even tell you how happy this makes me.

The only problem is, I do the "pike" (feet kick forward) and I expend sooooooo much energy doing the DU.  By the time I got to the snatches I was hunched over the bar trying to take some time to compose myself and get my breathing under control.

I don't care though.  I will take stringing DU together using a lot of energy versus not being able to do them at all.  I can continue to tweak things until I get it right.  I've come a far way so far and I hope I just continue to improve.

The snatches were definitely hard, but I took them a little at a time (5) and got through them.  I was working hard and was out of breath, but nowhere near what I described last year.  That AND I scored much higher than last year.

I made it through 3 full rounds, 30 DU and 4 more snatches.  Score = 169!  Hell yes!  I will take it.

Week after week I go to CrossFit and wonder if I'm even improving.  Well this shows me, I am absolutely improving and it makes me very happy.  Bring on 15.1



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