Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I'm a Runner XXXVI: Running a Sub-2 Half Edition

This is the 36th edition I've written of the I'm a Runner "series."  Wow, what more could I have to say about running?  You don't care?  Why are you here?   This is a running blog.  Well let's see if there's anything new to say.


I started running because someone believed I could and challenged me to run a half marathon.  At that time, I only wanted to survive.  I don't think I had "sub 2" half marathon dreams until I ran a 2:09 in Pittsburgh in 2010.  

I was a clumsy kid who never played sports in high school.  In college I met a friend who ran 5 miles a day and she mesmerized me.  I didn't realize people ran 5 miles for fun.  26.2?  Mind blown.  

When I ran my first half in November of 2009, I ran at a 10:29 pace.  Going sub 2 meant running a 9:08 pace.  That's 1:20 off per mile.  It took just over 5 years to get there, but the moment I crossed the finish line, I knew all the work was worth it.  

I ran most of the race with thinking about running (the worst kind of run).  Meaning, I was focused on what I was doing and couldn't focus on much else.  Often times I pictured myself suffering through a CrossFit WOD and how bad that sucks and just decided to treat every moment like the last 20 seconds of a WOD-- push no matter how bad it hurts.  

When I was just starting running, I don't think I cared about time.  It wasn't until I was a few races in that I put any pressure on myself to run "fast."  I'm excited to see where my running goes from here. 

My best marathon time is a 4:54.  I KNOW I can do better than that and (spoiler alert) I will when I run Philly in November.  

When I ran my sub 2 half, I got passed by a guy pushing a double jogging stroller.  True story.  

If I had to pick one race distance to run and could only run that distance for the rest of my life it would definitely be the half marathon.  It's my favorite.  Not too far, don't have to go too fast.  

As I crossed the finish line at 3M half marathon and went sub 2, I literally fell to my knees (pictured above).  It was a combination of physical exhaustion and being mentally overwhelmed.  It was a dream I didn't really let myself dream and.  I wasn't even 100% sure I had done it when I crossed.  It was that close. 

I love running in Austin in winter.  The weather for my race was perfect.  I miss Austin running.  

I almost always eat a bagel after a race, but after 3M I didn't eat any post race food that was provided.  I gave my son a banana and mini bagel, so he ate my share. 

I like that I've accomplished a running goal.  It took me 5 plus years to get here.  I can't wait to see what's in store for me in 2020.  Ha!  


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