Sunday, March 8, 2015

CrossFit Open Workout 15.2

By now you know the drill.  Thursday night at 8pm the Open workout for the week is announced and I go into panic mode until it's my time to go.  Only this week's WOD was a repeat of last year's 14.2 and I so I didn't exactly go into panic mode because I already knew I'd do better than last year.  

I still can't do unassisted pull-ups but I hoped with a reverse grip (chin up) I'd be able to get in a few.  I got to the box really early and spent a lot of time warming up and making sure my hips and shoulders were loose.  I squatted 65 pounds quite a fews times and it felt good. I looked up at the pull up bar, but was too intimidated by all the people there to even try.  I honestly didn't know if I'd get there anyway.  

Tracey was there competing with me and Kim and Ella were there cheering me on.  It meant so much to have all the girl support.  

Soon the 10 second count down was on and I grabbed that bar with the utmost confidence.  I swear I went into some sort of zone.  I blocked everything out around me (including those cheering for me... not on purpose) and focused on myself and my judge's counting.  

I went down 2 times unbroken and I think I got a little cocky because it felt quite easy.  On the third rep I tipped forward and dropped the bar.  

I can't believe I allowed myself to lose my concentration.  I refocused and went back to work.  I got no-repped one more time and that was it.  I had completed my 10 reps!  I looked to my judge Tricia just to be sure before I dropped the bar.  

During my last couple reps I heard the box erupt and I knew it was for Tracey.  I knew she had gotten a chest to bar pull up.  I didn't glance over at her.  I was in the zone, but I knew if she had done it I had to too.  Not to compete with her, but because she inspired me.  She tried and succeeded and I could too.  I tried the reverse grip and OMG I did it! 

I'm not all the way up here.  You have to get past collarbone for a chest-to-bar to count 
I was pumped up.  I couldn't believe I just did it.  Things started coming back into focus and people were yelling at me to try again.  So I did.  

It took every ounce of strength to muscle myself up over that bar.

It definitely was NOT pretty, but I managed to get SIX chest-to-bar pull ups (chin ups really) and for that I was so extremely happy.

My final score for 15.2 was 16 points.  That's more than 5 times what I got last year (3 points) and I'll take it.  Pull-ups are most likely finished for the Open and I'm happy about that.  I'm excited for accomplishing more than I thought I could on this WOD and I'm looking forward to the next WOD.

I'm also incredibly thankful to be going through the Open with these amazing women.  It's so awesome to have cheerleaders who I know believe in me and of course I believe in them.  We're all pushing ourselves beyond our limits and we're all making big things happen.  Sure we're not moving on to regionals anytime soon, but this journey isn't about that for us.

Kim, Me, Tracey, Meghan 

 In the words of my friend Kim, "I do this for me!"


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