Saturday, April 11, 2015

CrossFit Open Reflections 2015

Hi guys, I have to apologize for being a bad blogger.  I've been in a bit of a rut for awhile.  I'm trying to snap out of it.  I'll begin by telling you about my CrossFit Open experience.

I signed up for the Open because last year it did so much for my confidence.  This year I didn't have the same experience, but that was more because of the format of the Open than anything else.  I kind of felt like I did lack luster this year, but then I started reflecting and I really did things I am proud of.


I nailed my Toes to Bar this year and I'm really proud of that.  Also, my best moment of the open came during 15.1 when I nailed a 75 pound snatch from the ground.  I was so excited hitting that weight and (obviously) so was my coach Tammy.  


Again, I nailed another movement hitting 65 pound OHS relatively easily.  That did NOT happen last year.  Then, I managed SIX chest to bar pull ups.  They were actually chin ups as I used the reverse grip, but who cares.  My chest hit the bar peeps!  I'm sick of minimizing my accomplishments.  This was HUGE for me and it's ok to say I'm proud.  Right?  


Damn you 15.3 and your gosh darn muscle ups.  I couldn't even start the workout.  Nonetheless I still did wall balls and some jump roping.  I was actually pretty proud of my wall balls.  I suck at wall balls pretty bad. Actually I suck at any movement that requires legs. Ha! I made a plan, however, to go 5 at a time and I stuck to it and didn't get nearly the number of no reps I anticipated.  14 lbs at a 9 foot target.  Bam!  


Handstand push ups?  Really?  2 weeks in a row a movement I can't do which means... I can't start.  I scaled.  This workout was a burner, but I was happy with my performance.  65 pounds overhead is still a lot for me.  I don't know how that's "light weight" to some people.  Maybe next year I'll be able to say 65 pounds is light.  One can dream!  


So horrible.  Screw you thrusters.  Screw you.  I hope I NEVER see you again.  Sorry not sorry.  

And that's it.  The Open is over and once again, I am invigorated to see what I can accomplish before next year rolls around.  I'm pushing myself and being consistent and this year I will NOT minimize what I can do and what I accomplish.  I'm going to celebrate.  Come celebrate with me!


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