Sunday, April 12, 2015

I am Lion, Hear Me Roar

You guys today I have to tell you about my friend Kim.  You may remember meeting her in this post. Ok fine, you don't feel like clicking that post, well then I'll just give you the brief run down.

Kim started her fitness journey in January 2014 when she signed up for the couch to 5k program.  She ran her first 5k in March of 2014.

Kim has gone on to run a 10k, then a 10 miler, and then her first half marathon in October 2014.  She has since run another half marathon and has 2 more on her schedule in May.

But running isn't why we're here.  It's CrossFit.  Kim started her CrossFit journey in April of 2014 and this year I signed her up for the CrossFit Open.  Yes, you read that right, IIIIII signed her up without her permission.  The reason?  Because I knew she could.

I loved watching Kim experience the highs and lows of the Open.  No matter what type of athlete you are, there are highs and lows to the Open.  It doesn't matter if you're Rich Froning or my friend Kim, it's part of the process.  Kim's lows came in the form of self doubt, but every week her doubt was superseded by her performance.  She was stronger than she thought and went harder than she thought she could.

I remember 15.2 and how nervous she was.  Kim told me she really couldn't do it and she was going to scale the workout.  I KNEW that she could do it.  I encouraged her the best I knew how to go for the 65 pound over head squat and not scale.  She said so many times she really didn't think she could do it.  Thank God we all knew she could.

Wouldn't you know that little shit grabbed that bar and did 10 unbroken OHS.  I sat back and silently did the evil laugh.  muhahahaha My plan was working.  Kim was gaining physically, but more importantly mentally.

Basically the same thing happened week-to-week.  Kim went further and harder than she even believed she could and everyone at our box took notice.

Last night during our Open closing party, Kim was awarded the MVP for her intramural Open team.  I stood and watched her receive the award (even though I was in the bathroom when her name was called) and I saw the look on her face.  She was the humble Kim that she always is.  Probably a part of her was thinking "I don't deserve this."   She doesn't like the attention, but she sure deserves it.

Well this whole post is just to talk to Kim and tell her.... You DO deserve it and I love seeing you beaming in this picture.  I signed you up for the Open Kim to show you there is something that lies within you that hasn't even begun to be tapped into.  Your capabilities are beyond what you can possibly imagine.  I hope you got a glimpse of that throughout the Open and you'll begin to look at yourself through the eyes of everyone at our box and see the amazing person we all see.

It's no mistake that you were chosen as MVP.  It's not because of your Toes2Bar, your snatch (ok well maybe), or because of your double unders.  It's because of your heart.  Yours is the biggest I know.  I'm beyond proud of you and the effort that you put into the Open both mentally and physically.  I hope you've enjoyed this experience and actually celebrated yourself because you deserve it.

I leave you with Kim's favorite saying.  "If you want to be a lion you must train with lions."  Kim, you my friend are a lion and I love to hear you roar!

P.S.  I'm still waiting for my $20 (registration reimbursement).  Ha!


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