Sunday, May 3, 2015

Back to Back Half Marathons: Indianapolis Mini Marathon 2015

In case you didn't know, 4 of my crazy friends and I set out on an adventure on Friday afternoon to run the Indianapolis Mini Marathon Saturday and then the Pittsburgh Half Marathon on Sunday.  We all piled into the car around noon and made it about 2 minutes before we stopped for lunch.  What? We had to be properly fueled.

We arrived in Indy at around 6:30 pm to pick up our packets.  The ride and packet pick-up went smoothly.  The Indy expo is run very nicely.  Two thumbs up.

While there I ran into a friend I went to high school with.  She's a breast cancer survivor and also lives with MS.  She completed the mini marathon on Saturday.  Way to go Lissa.

I made reservations for us to carb load at Iaria's.  This was a place I went with my dad so many times as a child, but I probably hadn't been there in 15 or so years.  It was beyond amazing and I had a life changing experience with the blue cheese dressing. YUM!

We got to my brother's house and tried to get it together quickly so we could get to sleep.  I'm not sure what time it finally was, but we were probably asleep in our lovely accommodations by 11:00 pm.

We planned to leave at 6 am for the 8 am start.  My dad and his friend came and met us at my brother's and we followed him down.  It was so nice to have veterans show us the ropes.  We parked SO close to the start and they showed us a little spot to hide out (not telling YOU where haha) where we had REAL toilets with water and soap.  It was the perfect pre-race waiting spot.

Ok fine, I'll give it away if you can guess from the picture.  Don't tell 30,000 of your closest friends and ruin it for us next time.  ha!

Tracey, Kim, Katelyn (also doing B2B but didn't buy a shirt), Kelli and Me 
 I brought Tracey a throw away sweatshirt.  We laughed so hard over my 2XL Tommy Hilfiger sweatshirt from 1995.  That thing went with me all over the country.  It was time to say goodbye to Tommy.  I hope he found a good home.

We were all in different Corals.  Tracey was going to move back to run with Kelli and Kate, Kim and I were going to line up alone.  As it turned out Tracey, Kate, Kelli and I just walked into the coral and no one even looked.  I was nice not to have to be alone.

Ok I wasn't alone.  There were QUITE a few people.

Despite lining up together, I had every intention of running my own race.  I was hoping to run a 2:15 or better.  I have 100 excuses and reasons why I set my goal as 2:15, but the main reason I chose 2:15 was because I knew it would be a realistic happy pace.  Not dogging it, but not pushing it too hard.

Miles 1 through 3 were pretty rough mentally.  My body took forever to warm up and I hadn't decided what pace my body was going to run.  By the end of mile 3 I decided about a 10:00 mile would be my pace and my body woke up and decided to realize it was supposed to be running.

Mile 1: 9:50
Mile 2:  10:01
Mile 3: 10:13

Miles 4 and 5 went by so quickly.  I swear I thought someone was moving signs.  I was taking in all the scenery moving my way to the track and felt really good during those miles.

Mile 4: 9:55  ----> Gu
Mile 5: 10:07

Once we got in the Speedway, I felt pretty amazed to be running on the track.  I was soaking it all in, but I'll admit after the awe wore off, I was hot and bored.  It was hard to stay focused and run hard.  When I saw the pole I got a little excited because I knew I'd soon be hitting the bricks and then be head out of the speedway.

I had to stop and take a picture of my feet on the bricks.  I mean I don't know how many times in life I'll get to stand on the start line of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  It felt pretty cool. 

Mile 6: 10:10 
Mile 7:  10:11
Mile 8:  10:26 (worth it for my brick pic) ----> Gu 

Once I was out of the speedway, I couldn't believe how much little I had left to go.  I was really hot and feeling thirsty.  I focused on hydration and tried to take in water and gatorade as much as I could. I also took my second Gu at mile 8.  

Mile 9: 10:18
Mile 10:  10:15

After mile 10 I gave myself a serious pep talk.  I told myself I had played it safe for the whole race and I didn't really push myself.  I decided to at least finish strong and not give up to the fact that it was getting warm and I was tired.  

Mile 11: 10:02
Mile 12: 10:02
Mile 13: 9:55

Total Garmin: 13.21 2:13:14 10:05 pace 
Official Total:  13.1 2:13:11 10:10 pace 

I have to say that's probably the first time I've run a race and didn't give it my all.  Now don't get me wrong, I was working, but I just wasn't working HARD.  I could have pushed harder, but I decided to run happy.  I'm not sure how I feel about it yet.  I'm still processing, but it never feels good to know you didn't give 110%

 I'm so proud of all of the amazing women who went on this adventure with me.  I seriously didn't think I'd find one other person to do this with me, but I believe we all set out on this adventure for a reason.  Everyone kept asking us why and all I can say is, "Because we can."  All of you amaze and inspire me!  I think you're all impressive awe-inspiring women and I'm honored to call you friends.

A special congrats to Kate and Kelli for both getting PRs on this course.  Way to go girls!!!

Thanks to my dad for coming out and cheering us on and then for buying me lunch since I forgot my wallet.  Ha!

Just 3 short hours after finishing the race, we were back in the car for the nearly 400 mile ride home to Run Home Pgh!    Stop back to read part II.  Coming soon!



Love it! Love it! Always enjoy trading your recaps! What an awesome group of ladies to accompany you on this big adventure!!!


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