Saturday, May 30, 2015

Ella's First Guitar Recital

Ella had a full day of excitement.  This morning she had day one of two of her dance recital (more on that later) and then this evening she had her guitar recital.  

She's been playing for about one and half years now and this is the first time she was asked to do the recital.  Duane (her instructor) originally said he would play WITH her, but after they picked her recital song and she started to practice, he quickly realized he didn't need to play with her.

Ella has been performing on stage since she was three years old.  Dancing that is.  Aside from her first year, I've never seen her nervous really.  Maybe a tad nervous in her younger years, but lately she is just excited and ready.

With guitar, however, it was different.  She was so nervous and had a lot of anxiety.

I think it all melted away when she hit the stage.  Check out this performance!

She melts my heart and had me beaming with pride.  I love this girl and am beyond proud of her and all she's accomplishing in her little life.  Love you Ella Girl.


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