Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Pap's 80th Birthday

George's Dad turned 80 about a month ago.  We brainstormed what we could get for him and we kept coming up short.  We finally decided on getting his whole family together to go to a Pirate's game.  This included his 2 children (George and Danielle) and all of his grandkids (7 total).  It's rare that we all get together, so this was meant to be a special day.  

We took 2 cars to get downtown and got separated.   

Let's just say one driver was navigationally challenged.  We waited around and took some pics while she found her way to PNC Park.

No matter how many pictures I have of my family in Pirate's garb in the city, it will never get old.  Plus my leg looks skinny because Jack is cutting off one half and Ella the half of the other!  Ha! Yes these are the things I look at.

George's sister finally found her way to PNC and we got busy watching the game eating.

We sat out and right field and the seats were perfect for us.  Not a lot of walking for big George and close to lots of concessions.

During the game we witnessed the first ever 4,5,4 triple play (that's 2nd base to 3rd base and back to 2nd).  I have NO idea why they call it 4,5,4.  Anyone? Anyone?

Anyway, it was pretty cool to witness and the bonus was I was actually paying attention at the time and saw it in real time and not on the replay.  That's amazing in and of itself.

Everyone had a great time at the game.

We ate so much food and the weather was amazing.

I know it meant a lot to big George to spend the time with his family.

The Pirates wound up winning and we finished off the night with spectacular fireworks.

It was a special ending to a special evening.

Happy 80th Big George!


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