Saturday, June 6, 2015

First vs. Last 2015

What a year it has been.  When I look back at all this family has done and accomplished this year it seems almost unfathomable.  Somehow we all made it through.  

Jack went to first grade a little boy and came out so much more.  

Jack thrived and grew so much in first grade.  He is reading chapter books now and loves to read. That's something I never thought I'd say about any of my kids.  I'm so proud of his own initiative to read every day.  Jack got all As all year and he was proud of himself.  Way to go Jack!  

I think Ella changed the most over the year physically.

I look at her first day of school picture and I see my precious little girl.  On the last day of school I see this almost 10 year old GROWN UP... um... thing.  IDK even know what she is.  Not a woman, not a teen, but definitely not a "little girl."  Maybe it has something to do with her braces being off and her perfect smile.  

As beautiful as she is on the outside (yes I'm biased) she's MORE beautiful on the inside.  She is kind and smart!  All As ALL year for this third grader!  Off to fourth you go.  The world is yours.  Way to go Ella! 

Then there is this guy.  What do they call them? Tweens?

Nicholas definitely shied away from his dear old mom this year.  I mean not at home, but when at school.  I guess I embarrass him just by being around.  I try not to be THAT mom.  He's never really said anything, it's just the way he acts.  Ugh it breaks my heart.  

Even if he does pretend to not know me at school, he's got the school thing down pat. I did not help him with ONE thing this year.  I never looked at his assignments.  Never had to help him do work or study.  He did everything 100% on his own and that makes me VERY proud.  I did monitor his grades (of course this is ME you're talking about) and if anything was "slipping" then we would discuss it.  I want Nicholas to always work hard no matter if he has all As or not.  Why get a 90% when you can get a 98% haha!  Nicholas got ALL As ALL year too and his Science and Social Studies scores were always over 100%.  He is definitely strongest in math and has to work harder in Language Arts.  I'm proud of the little man he is.  Way to Go Nicholas.  

Goodbye first, sixth and first grades.

Hello summer!  

And just because no one wanted to leave Sid out.

She hasn't changed.  Eat. Sleep. Poop.   Way to go Sid!  


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