Monday, July 20, 2015

Chicago Trip 2015

You know my family is hockey obsessed, but you might not know HOW hockey obsessed.  Nicholas has two dream locations that he wanted to visit and they're both hockey related.  Chicago and Canada.    So this summer I decided I would make one of his dreams come true and planned a mini vacation to Chicago.  We drove to Indianpolis Wednesday to pick up my dad and my niece to go on the trip with us.  We left for Chicago Friday morning after spending the day in Indy on Thursday. 

I was nervous about driving in Chicago, but it didn't wind up being that bad.  The traffic wasn't horrible and I never felt like I was going to die.  ha!  

Our first stop was the United Center to see where the Blackhawks (and Bulls) play.  We knew we wouldn't be able to get in, but the boys wanted to see it anyway.  It was HUGE.


The statues where all behind fences so that part was kind of lame.

So we posed for a couple pics and that was it.  We were out of there.  

We had some time to kill before our scheduled bike tour, so we decided to go over and shop on Michigan Avenue.  First stop was the Blackhawks store.

This store was pretty insane.  There was so much stuff and the boys were in heaven looking at all the stuff.

They managed to find something to buy as you can tell by the BIG bag Jack is holding.

We then decided to walk (this will be the theme for the day) to get some lunch.

All Nicholas wanted was some traditional Chicago style pizza.  We opted for the highly recommend Giordano's.

We had to wait 45 minutes for this pizza and it was totally worth the wait.

I'll admit it was quite tasty.

It was crisp on the bottom...

... then layered with ooey gooey cheese and sauce.

Nicholas thought it was the best pizza he's ever had and he is a huge pizza aficionado.

After lunch we headed out on our guided bike tour.  

I'll admit at first I was really nervous as we were riding through the city streets, but after the first few miles we were on less crowded streets and trails and I was able to relax.

We saw Abe!

We rode through "Old Town".

We went to Lincoln Park and walked through the Zoo on our break.

 We had so much fun, but it was sooooo very hot outside and it was very tiring.

 Despite the heat, the ride was both informative and beautiful.

Our last stop on the tour was at the lake.  I was so surprised about how clean the water was.  I'm a Pittsburgher and used to murky, dark water.  I felt like we were in the Caribbean.

 The bike tour was definitely the highlight of our trip and we all loved it.

I promised the girls that we would hit up the American Girl store after the tour and it did NOT disappoint.

They both have dolls already so I let them both pick out an outfit.  Clearly they are happy.

After we hit the American Girl store, we headed out of the city and made our way toward South Bend where we'd spend the night.  We all agreed we could have spent sooooo much more time exploring in the city, but we say goodbye to Chicago... for now.


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