Monday, August 24, 2015

Canada Trip 2015

As a surprise for Nicholas' birthday I planned a trip to Canada (his DREAM location) to visit the hockey hall of fame.  Nicholas has always wanted to go to Canada for obvious reasons... HOCKEY.  Canada is the hockey mecca and he NEED to see it.

We got in the car on his birthday and revealed we were headed to Toronto.  He was pretty excited, but I'll admit didn't have the HUGE reaction I had hoped for.  I think someone let is slip and maybe he already knew.

We got to Toronto and the first thing we did was eat.  Ha!  I wanted to something "Canadian" so I went with the peameal bacon sandwich and poutine.

Both were good, but I especially enjoyed the poutine.  It was so good!

After the food, we headed to the hockey hall of fame.  The kids were so excited to see all the memorabilia.

 I love Ella's face in this picture.  She was very serious about her goalie skills.

There were so many great things to see.  George thought I would rush through everything disinterested, but I did stop and really look at everything.

 Jagr represented.  Even though Jagr isn't my fave, but he was once a Penguin, so I kind of have to like him.  ha.

As you can imagine, the Penguin legend was well represented.

 I liked hitting the locker room and suiting up in the goalie pads.  They're huge!

Of course the best part of the day was seeing the Stanley cup!

 After the hall of fame, we walked around a little bit and ate some food (again).

 Then we decided to hit up a Blue Jays game.

The stadium was nowhere near as nice as PNC Park, but it was still cool to be in a new MLB stadium.

 We only lasted until the 4th inning, but all the action happened before then anyway.  

We really liked the city of Toronto.  It was a cool city.  It was a lot different than I expected.  It was a lot more high fashion and young than I anticipated.  I was surprised by the number of young professionals that smoked.  I learned that in Toronto, I found out restrooms are washrooms.  Also, I LOVE the Canadian accent.

 After we left Toronto the next morning, we headed to Niagara Falls.  I can't believe it took me almost 41 years to make it to the falls.  They were as impressive as I anticipated.

 Absolutely magnificent.

 I was so impressed with Canada, but I know I haven't seen the best part yet.  Alberta, I'm coming for you.


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