Sunday, August 30, 2015

Jack's 8th Birthday Party (Nerf Birthday Party)

This year I kind of feel like I got off easy because Jack asked to have his birthday party "at a place" and not at home.  Well you know that means all my $$$$ went to that damn place, but it also meant a lot less work for me.  He decided on a Nerf Party.  

He also let me off the hook when it came to the cake. He didn't want a cake, he wanted cupcakes, but he did say he wanted a cupcake cake.  This is what I came up with and I know it's not that great.  My poor kid gets the worst cake I ever made.

I also made cake pops for the favors and they turned out super cute.  The kids seemed to like them too.

I did make all the kids t-shirts.  I worked out perfectly with 9 blue team members and 9 orange team members.  

I think the boys really enjoyed having their teams and strategized.  Here are the Strikers.... 

.... and Orange Crush.  

The battles were pretty epic.  

 The team members were adorable.

I can't even begins to tell you how hard these kids played.  

They were all sweaty and disgusting at the end and really seemed to have a great time.  

Jack and Nicholas took this game sooooooo seriously.

Jack looked at me when the party was over and said in the sweet voice, "Mommy I had such a good time.  Thank you so much for having this party or me."  Yep it was worth it.

And just because you have to have the obligatory blowing out the candles picture.  

Happy 8th Birthday Party Day my sweet boy.  I hope your wish comes true!


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