Wednesday, August 26, 2015

North Park Kids Triathlon 2015 Race Recap

I decided to sign the kids up for the North Park Triathlon again this year.  I'll be honest, neither one of them are really enthusiastic about doing it, but I MADE Nicholas do it until he was 10 so that has been the "rule."   The truth is they're just a little bit scared and me pushes them ultimately helps their confidence and the always have fun.  

They were both really nervous, it's always the swim that makes them nervous, but I'm not sure why because they're both MORE THAN capable.  Admittedly, they are not swimmers, but they can swim 50 yards just fine.

This year I had a little more ammunition for getting them excited about the event... FRIENDS!!!

Ella and Taylor
Jack and Braden 

In years past, I have been so nervous but this year I felt calm. I really felt confident in both of their abilities and them having done it before set my mind at ease.

Jack's wave went first and I could tell he was nervous, but he jumped right in and did the swim with ease.  He looked a little wobbly when he got out of the water, but he was running into T1 looking happy.  Swim + T1 4:40 

Next thing I know, he's coming out on the bike.  He looked confident and was pedaling quickly.

It seems like forever when I'm standing there waiting for him to come back from his 1.5 mile bike, but soon enough he came around the corner.  He was going so slow and just looked bewildered.  Later he told me, he doesn't like all the screaming because it makes him nervous.  Regardless, he had a good bike ride.  Bike + T2 10:25 

When Jack came out on the run, it really seemed like he was in his element.  He was booking and he seemed to be less distracted by all the cheerleaders/fans. Ha!

Again, I'm not able to see him when he's out on the run course so it seemed like forever.  I waited not so patiently and eventually he popped out from around the corner and was booking on down to the finish line.  He told me later that he "dogged it a little on the run."  He makes me laugh.  Run 5:11 

He was so happy with himself when he finished.  This is why I make them do it!  Look at that smile.

Jack finished in 19:39.  So proud of my little buddy!

I didn't get to see Ella off on the swim because I was out taking pictures and cheering Jack on the course.  George said she did well.  I was impressed with a 3:22 Swim + T1 time.  

When she came out of transition, she had the biggest look of determination on her face.  She was focused and moving.

I could tell she had gone through T1 so fast because her shorts were all messed up and her shoe wasn't even on right.  It didn't appear to have been making a difference.

When Ella rounded the corner to finish the bike, she didn't seem as bewildered as Jack, but she still wasn't moving like some kids do.  I think my kids just get scared with all the screaming and the downhill into the bike finish.

She still had her look of determination so I was encouraged.  Bike + T2 9:01 

When Ella came out from T2 she looked VERY tired.  I felt badly because I knew she was on the struggle bus.  I encouraged her the best I could and told her to remember her Girls on the Run manta that she's strong and capable.

It must have worked because when she came around that corner from the run she was hauling @$$ and more determined than ever. Run 4:53 

I know I'm a mean mom, but I'm glad I force my kids to step outside their comfort zone a little, because it pays off in the end. Both of them were proud of themselves and I really do believe it gives them confidence.  Ella finished in 17:14, which was more than 4 minutes faster than last year.  So proud!

The kids had such a great time racing with their friends.  Success!!!


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