Saturday, September 5, 2015

Dear Jack 2015

Dear Jack: 

I write you this letter on the occasion of your 8th birthday.  It's really hard to for a mom to accept that her children are growing up, but it's especially hard to accept when your baby is growing up.  EIGHT!  How is that possible?  You seem so old and it makes me sad. 

There are so many wonderful things about you, but I love that you're you own unique individual.  You do you and you make no excuses about it.  You're fine to do your own thing and will spend time doing things by yourself if it makes you happy. You don't need someone to entertain you.  

You're very persistent.  You want what you want and when you want it.  You're not patient.  If you want someone to say... help you dig a hole in the sand. You'll ask and ask and ask until that person is worn down and helps you.  It's annoying and cute all at the same time.

You're daring when it comes to some things like riding roller coasters and going paddle boarding, but you're also very cautious about other things like tubing and thunderstorms.  There's no rhyme or reason, so it's hard to figure out what you'll think is adventurous and what you'll think is just scary.

You're still a lover of mac n cheese.  That's your number one food love, but you're becoming more adventurous in your eating and trying new things.  You're focused on being healthy too, but then you'll say something like, "I just have to be unhealthy today."  I happy you just try to be healthy from time to time.

You're very loving and protective of the things you love.  You don't like if someone makes fun of mom or dad and you're very sensitive about it.  You give the best hugs and you still love to snuggle.  There's nothing like a big long hug from you.

You're so funny.  Not like you sit down and tell jokes funny, but you say stuff that just cracks everyone up.  You're matter of fact and say things like it is.  It often has daddy and I laughing when we should be reprimanding.  Seriously though, who can resist this?

You definitely love your big brother even though you two LOVE to bicker.  You really love all the things he loves and want to be just like him, but the funny thing is he wants to be like you too.  You're many times the leader and not the little brother all the time.  If Nicholas won't do something or wear something that mommy wants you'll usually volunteer.  Enter puffy vest!

My dearest Jack, thank you for coming into my life and bringing me so much joy.   Every day with Jack is a day full of laughs and smiles.  I rarely can be mad at you because you use your charm to make me smile.  When I work a long day, rush home and I'm always looking from a hug from you.  I know as you grow up you'll continue to have your love and charm.  You'll be the type of person everyone wants to be around because you have a way of making them special.  

On you're birthday, I hope I've made YOU feel as special as you make me feel every day.  Special for having the privilege of being your mom.  There's nothing more I'd want to be.  

You're my baby and it doesn't matter if you're 8 or 88.  You'll always be my little boy.  

I love every crazy part of you.

I can't wait to continue on our adventure together every year.  As always, may all your wishes come true.




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