Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I'm a Runner XXXIX Ragnar Homage

I've been kind of absent from my I'm a Runner series lately.  Let's face it, I've been kind of absent lately.  No one warned me children would be all consuming and exhausting.  If any of you are thinking about becoming a mom... call me.  To you moms already out there.... let's get together and commiserate.  Anyway.... The I'm a Runner thing, this is going to be a Ragnar homage.  Here it is.

I finished my first Ragnar last year in DC and couldn't wait to get out there and do it again.  To date, Ragnar is my absolute favorite event.

I've always been interested in doing a Ragnar or other similar relay and signed up for my first when I lived in Texas.  Shortly before the race was to occur, I found out I was moving and had to drop out.  I was devastated and determined to put a team together.

I didn't officially train for either Ragnar Relay that I did, but I was in the process of training for a marathon for Ragnar Adirondacks and for DC I pretty much just winged it.  Keep in mind, I keep myself in pretty good shape at all times.   I work to 4 to 6 days a week when I'm healthy.

If I do it again... or should I say WHEN I do it again.  I have this dream of making 2 teams and each team member will have a partner from the other team that they will run each leg of their race with.  Normally it's hard enough to find 12 people for a team let alone 24 people so I don't know that it will ever happen.

My experiences at Ragnar are filled with so many good memories.  Sure things get difficult, you're tired and hungry, but the good FAR OUTWEIGHS the bad.  The bond you form with the other runners is something that can't be matched.

I'm more in the mindset that Ragnar is a relay run rather than a relay race.  I enjoy going with the ladies and not worrying about pace.  Everyone does their own thing and to be honest, I don't think anyone ever even asked me what my pace was.  Slogging along up those hills was my pace in the Adirondacks.  Hah!

I ran my first night run alone this year and it felt so empowering.  I highly recommend it, but only if you have your own personal SAG vehicle like I did.

I'm not ready to retire from Ragnar.  Every time I run I marathon, I tell myself I'm never doing it again, but every time I run a Ragnar, I'm talking about the next one before the current one ends.

Lancaster is speculated to be the next location for Ragnar and I would love for Ragnar to return to PA.  I'll definitely be running Ragnar PA if my schedule (I mean my kids' schedules) permits.

I love running with my friends and prefer that over anything else (see my thoughts on making 2 teams above) but durning Ragnar I had to actually breakout my old playlist.  The last running playlist I made was in 2013.  I definitely need to update!

I have a daughter. I mean that's no surprise right?  My dream is to experience Ragnar with her someday.

To have my daughter want to spend 30 plus hours in a van with me, will mean I have raised her right.


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