Thursday, October 22, 2015

Mom, I Don't Want a Costume

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays.  I love fall and trick or treating, kicking your feet through the fallen leaves.  I have such great memories of my own trick or treating and of course that of my kids.  Gone are the days of themed costumes, however, and forget about them wearing them what I want them to wear.  And that's ok. 

Kinder Captain Hook 
This year I found out Nicholas would be at a hockey tournament in Rochester, NY for Halloween.  I wouldn't' be with him as I have to stay home with the other 2 and get them to their activities.  I was very sad.  

1st Bumblebee Transformer
I was worried about telling Nicholas that he wouldn't be home to go trick or treating.  I broke it to him one night and he really did seem sad.  I told him I had heard of other hockey teams going trick or treating in random neighborhoods when they're away on tournaments and told him maybe his coach would let him go.  He didn't seem to think that would happen.  We never talked about it again after that night, but I got the feeling he was sad. 

2nd Buzz 
Fast forward to last week and I was reading the school newsletter.  They'd be celebrating Red Ribbon week next week culminating with Halloween costumes being able to be worn on the last day-- the Friday before Halloween.

3rd Andrew McCutchen 

I was so excited I called Nicholas on his phone and said, "Guess what?  I found out you can wear your Halloween costume to school on Friday the 30th."  His response?  "Oh."  So I prompt him asking if he wants me to get him another cool morphsuit.  I started throwing out other ideas and he interrupts...

4th Jace Robertson (Duck Dynasty) 
"Mom I don't want a costume."  Wait what?  You don't want a costume?  He didn't want a costume.  Of course I had to ask why?  Why didn't he want a costume? I just don't want a costume.  What had happened to my boy who seemed sad?

5th Crosby 
I don't know where my little boy was, but that little boy came to grips with no trick or treating and quickly decided that was ok.  Not only was it ok, but it's what he wanted.  He didn't want a costume.  I.DO.NOT.WANT.A.COSTUME.  Ok so it took him saying it 10 times for me to finally get it through my thick skull.

6th Morph Skeleton 
My baby didn't want a costume.  My Captain Hook, my Bumblebee, my BuzzLightyear... didn't... still doesn't want a costume.  It's been happening for some time now.  I sneak a glance and my boy isn't a boy anymore.  I'm not saying he's a man, but he seems less like a child and more like an adult.  It's hard to accept, but I realize it's part of life.  I like the new Nicholas.  He makes me proud, he makes me laugh and he makes me look forward to what's to come even if that means NO COSTUMES.  

The question is.... with Nicholas out of the picture, can we maybe sneak out another theme?  muhahahaha Thank God I have 2 left.  


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