Sunday, October 18, 2015

Philly Marathon Training 18 Mile Long Run

So I started PT on Friday after my 18 mile long run.  My doctor has convinced me that I only should be doing my long runs and no other runs during the week.  I have only been exercising 1 day a week.  He said with every mile run there are 2200 arm swings.  You do the math.  Not good.  

I'm a mess.  I don't even know what to do with myself so I've been eating and expanding.  I'm frustrated with myself because there are other things I could be doing, but honestly the smallest thing sets my arm back and that could just doing every day things like doing laundry.   So I just figure I could do the elliptical or nothing and I choose nothing.  I've been working a lot however, so there's that. 

I'm still training for the Philly Marathon and I know I'll get through it just doing my 1 run a week, but  it certainly won't be the race I had once hoped for.  

The good thing is when I run just one day a week, I actually don't dread my long runs.  I feel like I can do it.  The weather on Friday when I woke up for my run was pretty much perfect.  It was pretty cool (probably in the 40s) but you could tell the sun was going to burn off the fog and it would be cool and beautiful (and it was).  

I got to the lake and planned to run clockwise as I knew Kim was out there running counter clockwise.  We planned to bump into each other and run some together before I'd hook up with Tracey and Megan.  

I started off alone and had no headphones and it was freezing.  I felt sluggish and couldn't believe the first mile was going so slowly, but I turned the corner at the lake spillway and saw Kim coming down and I immediately smiled.  It funny how your friends can change your mood so suddenly.  I was glad to have company and hook up with Kim.  

Mile 1:  10:53 

Kim and I ran toward the boathouse (our normal meet up place).  We had only run about 2 miles together when we got back and Tracey and Megan were headed out.  I decided to keep on going with Kim and meet Tracey and Megan at the next loop.  

I told many stories to Kim and she politely listened.  I always go off on tangents when I'm running a conversational pace and then find myself wondering if the person running beside me wanted to push me over the guardrail and into the lake.  Kim?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Anyway, it was an awesome 6 miles with Kim!  

Mile 2:  12:11
Mile 3:  12:25
Mile 4:  12:31
Mile 5: 12:52
Mile 6: 12:17

I was kind of scared to hook up with Tracey and Megan because I knew I couldn't run their pace.  I was hoping to run a 10:30 ish pace but to be honest didn't even know if that was realistic.  I had worked an 11 hour day the day before and didn't hydrate properly.  I know my body and I knew it would be a slower day for me.  Tracey and Megan both assured me that they were fine with my pace, but it still makes you feel badly.

My pace was all over the place. I'd have one "fast" mile then one slow mile.  I didn't hook back up with Tracey and Megan at the boathouse so I didn't have my fuel.  I started to feel really hungry.  We finally made it back to the car at mile 10 and I grabbed a Gu.

Mile 7: 10:55
Mile 8: 10:39
Mile 9: 11:07
Mile 10: 10:20 ----> Gu 

I felt much better after the Gu, but I started to fade again around mile 13.  I think I was just underfueled and wasn't hydrating enough because I felt so sluggish.  There was one point where I literally just stopped running.  I just needed a moment.  After one more loop we were back at the car again for another MUCH NEEDED Gu.  

Mile 11: 10:28
Mile 12: 10:50
Mile 13: 10:23
Mile 14: 11:23
Mile 15: 10:29 -----> Gu 

When we got back to the car we saw Kim.  She had just over a mile to go, so I told her I would run with her.  So, of course, refused but I ran with her anyway.  You will NOT tell me no kim!  Seeeeeeee I told you she was trying to get away from my stories.   

Mile 16: 12:10

After we left Kim I honestly didn't feel horrible, but I was ready to be done.  My energy was low and I told the girls I knew I'd be running over 11:00 miles for the last two.  Again, they were so encouraging and told me it didn't matter.  These are girls who could be easily running a 9:00 mile (or less) at this point.  Thank you friends!  

Somehow we managed through the last two miles and 18 miles was D.O.N.E. done.  

Mile 17: 11:21
Mile 18:  11:19 
Total:  18.01
Average:  11:22 

This definitely wasn't my best training run, but I still spent several hours on my feet moving and that's what marathon training is all about.  I knew going into it that it wouldn't be the best, but it was still discouraging to me.  I honestly have no idea what I'm going to be able to do come race day.  I'm also not sure that it really matters.  

And that's where I am.   


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