Sunday, October 4, 2015

Ragnar Relay Adirondacks 2015 Race Recap Part I

It's almost impossible to write these recaps without writing a bunch of unnecessary details, but I want to remember so this may get long.  

I was so excited about Ragnar for a long time.  The Ragnar Relay (a 2 days, 200 mile relay "race") is truly one of my favorite things to do EVER.  I found this shirt and knew it would be perfect for the car ride out to Saratoga Springs, NY (the start). 

Tracey, Kate and I picked up the 2 vans we would be living in over the next 2 days.  There was a moment we thought we wouldn't get a 2nd van as Enterprise took my reservation but called less than 12 hours from the time we were supposed to pick up the vans to tell us they only had one.  Um what? The bottom line is we got 2 vans, but I will go on record as saying, consider renting from another rental company.  

We met up with all the girls around noon on Thursday and started our trek.  

We headed north through Erie (where teammate Jaime's parents live) and look what we saw on the overpass. 

Is that not cool?  They may have been one of the coolest surprises I've ever experienced.  Jaime's parents get major kudos.  

The car ride actually went really quickly and we were in Syracuse right around dinner time.  Diana (van 1) suggested Pastabilities in Syracuse and it was ah-maz-ing. Seriously, some really good italian food and excellent atmosphere.  

We were officially carb loaded and ready to head the rest of the way to Saratoga Springs.  We got to our hotel pretty late at night and van 1 had a very early wake up call.  They had to be at the start line by 5:30 am which meant a 4:XX wake up.  Yikes.  At that moment, I was glad to be van 2 and getting a good night's sleep.  

We woke up around 8:00 am, got ready, ate breakfast and headed to the first major exchange to wait for van 1 to come in.  The weather was absolutely beautiful form the start to finish of this race.  It was perfectly sunny and for the most part cooler.  The mid afternoon runs seemed to be the only time it was really warmer, but even then it wasn't too too bad.  Nothing like we had been dealing with at the end of summer.  

I was so excited for the race to get started.  Charlene was our first runner and was being handed off to from Erica.  While Tracey, and I (veterans) were excited, Kim and Jaime seemed very nervous.  I calmed Kim's nerves with a kiss.

Soon enough Erica was coming in and Charlene was on her way out.  I believe this was around 11:30 am or noon.  Somewhere around there.

We caught up with van 1 and they didn't seem to be too worse for wear.  They were looking forward to some rest and food.  That's about what I expected.  Everyone was in great spirits though so that made me happy. 

Charlene handed off to Tracey... 

... and Tracey handed of to me.  I'm not sure what I'm saying to Tracey here and why my face looks so confused.  I just remember her telling me, she ran way too fast and I was probably like, "Fast running?  What is that?"  That's why I look confused.

By this time of day (1:30 or 2 pm) it was pretty hot and very sunny.  When Tracey handed off the slap bracelet is was a wee bit sweaty so I took it off and was holding it in my hand.  I didn't expect to see my van out on the course, but sure enough I was about half way finished and saw them cheering me on.

Then I dropped the slap bracelet in my excitement.  See it rolling off into the street?

I also then almost got nailed by that Chevy truck as I almost stepped out to pick it up without looking.  Whoops.

I felt pretty happy on this leg.  It was hot and I was wearing knee high socks, but I was happy to run and get that first leg over with.

I handed off to Kelli. 

Leg 1:  4.8 miles 48:39 10:08/mile

Kelli ran an awesome leg and wound up running really fast (8:15/mile) with this "old" dude who was hell bent on keeping up/beating Kelli.  We kidded Kelli so much because she picks up old guys everywhere she went during Ragnar.  It would be a theme. 

Kelli handed off to the very nervous Kim.  Tracey joked with Kim that the next time we saw her that she had better be in a better (happy) mood.  She kidded with Kim that didn't her attitude better be adjusted by the next time we saw her, or she'd be kicked out of the van.

Luckily (for Kim) when we saw her, her nerves had melted away and she was so, so happy.  Despite a pretty big uphill at the end, she even finished with a HUGE smile and handed off to Jaime.

We waited for Jaime and were getting excited with the anticipation of getting food and maybe some rest before our night legs.

Jaime was super speedy and we made it to Lake George around dinner time to hand off to Van 1.

Lake George was absolutely beautiful.  People were sleeping on the beach and enjoying the views.  We stayed for a little while, but quickly headed off in search of some food.

After a few failed attempts at finding an open place that sounded good we wound up at the Log Jam Restaurant.  It had an all you can eat salad bar and was known for Prime Rib.  Um yes please.  It was seriously the best prime rib I have ever eaten and not just because I was starving, but because it was perfectly cooked and tender.  

I was so happy and ready to hopefully rest for a couple of hours before our night legs began.

to be continued..... 


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