Sunday, October 11, 2015

Ragnar Relay Adirondacks 2015 Race Recap Part 2

In case you missed part 1 of the Ragnar recap, you can read it here.  So we left off just after my amazing prime rib dinner.  We were all full and ready to hit the next major exchange so we could hopefully get some rest before we had to start our night runs.  

The major exchange was actually at a school.  We parked and tried to sleep, but I'm not sure any of us  fell asleep. I definitely rested, but don't think I ever feel asleep.  I think we all gave up after an hour or so and just got ready for the night runs.  

Charlene was first to go and had a shorter leg.  Tracey agreed to run with her because you know that whole running in the dark by yourself thing and then Tracey continued on for her leg.  As if that wasn't enough, she offered to run my first 3.5 miles with me.  Yes, she is crazy.   I was definitely scared to run at night by myself and was glad she accompanied me.  When Tracey left, however, I felt so amazing and confident.  I was conquering a fear and that made me feel pretty badass.  My leg was pretty damn hilly and I think I was running slower in the dark, but I think I ran strong and that left me feeling pretty amazing.  This was my favorite leg of the race.  

Leg 2:  7.42 miles, 1:22:25 or 11:07 average  

After my leg was over, I was hell bent on changing my clothes and lying down to rest.  It HAD to happen in order to survive.  It was getting cooler outside so I changed out of my wet (sweaty) clothes and put on a comfy hoody and sweatpants.  I snuggled into the second row of the van and started to veg out.  By the time our last two runners ran (Jaime and Kim), I think I was dozing in and out, but went completely out for the night around 4 am.  

Tracey and Charlene stayed awake (Tracey drove) and guided us into the next major exchange where we slept for 3 (or so) glorious hours.  

I was so surprised how refreshed I felt when I woke up.  We all were in search of caffeine.  I found some in the form of Diet Mt. Dew and there may have been donuts too.  

We were all rested, caffeinated and ready to start our third legs.  

Erica came in on her last leg and she looked amazing and happy to be finished.  We hung out and talked a bit with Van 1 before we headed out to meet Charlene at the next exchange.  

Charlene handed off to Tracey and Tracey was on her way.

I think the theme to this leg was just happy.  It was another absolutely gorgeous day and we were all on our last leg, which means we made it!  

At this point, Van 1 teammate Erin joined up with our van.  Erin is Kelli's good friend and even though she was finished with her legs of the race and could be resting, she decided to ride along with us.  What a trooper!

When Tracey handed off to me, she told me she was sorry.  She was sorry because she just had run in on the road that I had to run out on.  It was hilly.  Very hilly.  I managed to tackle the hill with a good attitude.  I figured I just had to do it.  I didn't much care if it was slow, I just wanted to get through it. I finally got to turn off the hilly road and that's when it happened.  I swear I had to climb 5 mountains.  It was a VERY hilly run and I had to walk 2 or 3 times.  For as hilly as it was, it was absolutely beautiful.  I mean how could I be mad with this view?

Remember Erin from Van 1?  Well she came and ran the largest mountain with me.  She runs a VERY quick pace and is a truly gifted runner.  I felt embarrassed sucking wind at my 11:30 pace, but I appreciated her running with me so much. She told me I could do it and I did.

Sucking wind up a hill 
 I finally made it to my exchange and happily handed off to Kelli.

Leg 3:  I messed up my watch but it was right at 4 miles.  I managed an 11:06 pace. 

Even though my van wasn't finished running, I felt so much relief.  I had finished my last leg and survived.  For the most part, I was incredibly happy.  It felt amazing to be finished and the views on each leg were better and better.

Everyone made it through their last leg and we eventually made it to the final exchange to meet up with van 1.  After nearly 33 hours, we had completed our 200ish mile relay and cheered Jaime to the finish line.  

If definitely felt great to be finished, but I was honestly just done.  I was hungry and tired and did I say tired?  At this point everyone is irritable and dirty and I just couldn't wait to get back to the hotel for a shower and then a meal and sleep.  

Before that however, we took some final photos. 
Women of Steel 

Van 2 
Regardless of the hardships that a Ragnar brings, it brings far many good things.  The camaraderie and bond that I developed with this ladies just can't be beat.  We are forever bonded ladies and I can't wait for the next one.  We did it!


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