Sunday, January 17, 2016

Top 5 moments of 2015 (through the Tirch kids' eyes)

I've done this type of post before.  This is my way of seeing what's meaningful to my kids each year. I asked my kids for their top 3 moments of 2015. It wound up being a top 5.  They couldn't narrow it down and each could have probably made it a top 10.  That made me happy.  Here they are!


Making the Pens Elite (For those that don't know that's the AAA hockey team in our area) and the highest level he can play at his age.  This has been a goal of his for a long time and it makes me so happy to see him playing at this level.

Seeing the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto.  It was a dream for Nicholas to go to Canada.  We made this special trip for his birthday and I don't think it disappointed.

Visiting the great city of Chicago (this might be his all time favorite thing ever in the history of life). If I'm being honest, this was probably my favorite trip of the year as well.  WE had sooooo much fun.  We visited the Blackhawks' stadium.

Grabbed ourselves some Blackhawks gear at their official store. 

Ate world famous Chicago style pizza. 

And biked the city on a guided tour.  

Chicago is an awesome city.  I could definitely live there.  Nicholas would go in a heartbeat.  

Summer's Best Two Weeks.  Summer's Best Two Weeks is a sleep-away, Christian based summer camp.  The campers have no contact with the outside world. No phones (or phone calls home), no iPods, iPads nothing.  The kids spend their time competing in athletic events individually but their points count toward their team (there are two teams).  Each camper is working toward a "little S", "big S" or "Super S".  You have to achieve a certain time, distance, etc in each event to qualify for little, big or super.  Nicholas earned his overall Little S and did so with great pride.  For a kid where everything come easy it was so nice to see him work hard for something and accomplish it.  He's going back this coming summer and Jack is gong too.

Going on the Cruise. I'm pretty sure this is self explanatory.  Who doesn't love the beach, sun and "free" food?


Going on a cruise

Going to Chicago, particularly going on the bike tour

Ella also visited the American Girl store (a first for her) and got to take home a souvenir.

Girl on the Run.   Girls on the Run is a program that trains girls in self esteem, being a good friend and other positive messages in being a girl.  Oh and they also teach you to run a 5k.  I was her coach and I watch Ella blossom in this program.  She took the lessons to heart and used them in her every day life.  I highly recommend this program.

Going to see Taylor Swift with BFF Isabel.  Another self explanatory one.  Isabel + Taylor  = love.

Having my old fashioned picture taken.  This may not seem like a big deal to anyone.  We were vacationing in the Outer Banks and we went out to dinner.  Next to the restaurant was a place to have your old fashioned picture taken.  This is something I had done with my dad when I was a little girl.  I wanted to do it and convinced everyone with us to do it.  Ella LOVED it.  Absolutely loved it.


Cruise.  Jack was sooooo happy the whole cruise.  He loved every part of it.  Can you tell?

Going to the Strip District and eating.  I actually don't have one single picture from this day.  It was a weekend in August I believe.  I was sick of sitting around doing nothing and decided we were going to go to the Strip District and have a fun day.  The kids told me it sounded lame.  I didn't care what they thought.  I knew they'd change their minds.  My kids are all foodies.  We ate:  Donuts, street tacos, gyros, chocolate covered popcorn and drank old fashioned sodas and bought candy.  Epic day.  It was definitely in my top 5 as well.  It was all about being together, being indulgent and having fun. We did ALL those things.  GREAT DAY!  I'm only sorry I didn't capture it, but I did in my find.

Christmas.  This obviously always ranks.

Skiing.  We planned to take a day off school and go skiing.  It's fun to play hooky every once in awhile.  As it turned out, it was a snow day (or a cold weather day) at school and we didn't even miss school.  Jack was so brave and we had a fabulous day!

Chicago.  We went many places this year and again, I feel so fortunate.  I never would have guess 1 day in Chicago would be the highlight of their year.  It made EVERYONE'S list and I can't blame them!

2015 was an amazing year.  I can't wait to see what 2016 holds.


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