Monday, February 15, 2016

Skating at Schenley Park

The kids had off school today so we decided to go ice skating at an outdoor rink.  You know because we don't get enough ice time in our lives.  Ha.  Jack got to bring a friend because the previous day Ella had a sleepover and Nicholas had 3 friends over for an epic knee hockey game.  We went out to lunch first.  

It was the perfect day really.  It wasn't totally freezing (about 36 degrees) so we enjoyed ourselves without getting cold.  Except Ella's ankles were exposed because her tights didn't go to the ankle.

All the boys are ice hockey players so you can imagine what they were doing out there.  I barely got them to stand still for any pics.

Ella is so sweet and loving.  She wanted to hold my hand and kept telling me how good I was doing.  Yes I'm the worst skater in the family. I'm actually not a bad skater.  I'm just not too good at stopping. It's HARD!

I usually only last about 15 minutes on hockey skates.  They tend to hurt the arches of my foot really badly.

But I lasted almost the full two hours that we were there.  I could have stayed out longer, but it started to rain and wet hair was annoying. 

Ella and I were pretending to be figure skaters and trying to kick our legs out behind us and glide.  We cracked up so much because neither one of us had any skills.  

George tries to teach me how to stop, but I suck at it.  Normally I just glide into him and it's like hitting a big tree and I stop.  It works.  

Nicholas was teaching me a thing or two and I managed to skate on my edges and do some crossovers. Yay me!  His skating is ridiculous.  I mean he's such a good skater.  Yeah he's my son and I'm bragging.  It's just he makes me so proud.

Jack and Lukas are amazing as well.  

I had to tell them to settle down because they were going sooooo fast and swerving in and out of people and (as you can see) they weren't wearing helmets.  I was nervous, but they are so confident.  

I think we all had a great time. There wasn't anything too special about the day, but sometimes those days create the best memories.


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