Thursday, February 11, 2016

Why I'm Returning to CrossFit Against Medical Advice

My last CrossFit workout was August 10th 2015.  That's 6 months to the day and yesterday I decided to return to the sport I love so much.  

First, my diagnosis:  I had TWO MRIs during the time I was off from CrossFit.  The long and short of it is.... I have/had bursitis in my shoulder and in my collar bone as well as a deep bone bruise.  In addition, I have degenerative disease in my shoulder.  Basically my shoulder is 20 years older than I am in age.  Not good!

But then I think of my dad who is 73 (almost) years old and he goes to CrossFit.  His shoulder is 30 years older than mine.

Because of the way my humerus healed when it broke, my shoulder isn't able to move in certain ways.  It makes equilateral movements very difficult.  My shoulders aren't equal.  You can really see how I compensate in the pic below.

So when my shoulder can't move the way it should, my collar bone tries to compensate.  That's how you wind up with bursitis in your collar bone.  I am at increased risk for really damaging or snapping my collar bone.

Yeah that all seems scary.  That coupled with the pain I was in daily while doing CrossFit and just fear of the unknown has kept me from my beloved CrossFit for 6 months.  I am now pretty much pain free day-to-day.  I have days when I use my arm more that it will get sore and I can definitely still get achy but it's a dramatic (95%) improvement.  So I started to consider returning to CrossFit even though two doctors told me my body isn't built for it.

I gave it a LOT of thought for a VERY long time (every damn day for 6 months).  I went back and forth about giving it up.  I tried to figure out where my place in my workout life would be.  I was floundering.  Then I thought back and realized I SUCCESSFULLY Crossfitted for 3 years before I had problems.  THREE years.

So I started thinking about what the differences were between CrossFit in the beginning and CrossFit at the end.  I realized in the beginning I was conservative and I didn't lift heavy weight (for me).  I took things slowly and wasn't able to do MOST things.

So I'm going back to my roots.  I'm going to focus on form over weight.  I'm going to modify every damn thing if I have to and I won't do anything that causes me pain.  I'm also not going to go four days a week.  I'll go 2.  I think moderation will be the key to my success.

I know not everyone (mom) will understand my decision, but George supports me and that's HUGE to me. He's not one to sugar coat and I know he supports me in my return.  He knows everything I've been through every day and all the doctor's advice and he still supports me.  Even if I think I'm crazy, I know he's not and I know he'll keep me in check.

Returning to CrossFit yesterday just made me generally SO happy.  I'll take care of my health I promise.  I don't recommend anyone go against medical advice.  This is the decision I made FOR ME and I NEED it.


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