Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hiking Camelback Mountain

I know you guys were hoping that I'd be here blogging about my healthy eats lately, but I'm so far behind on blogging and I'd be sad if I never blogged about my trip to Arizona with Ella.  I'm working on my healthy eats post too.

When I planned my trip to Arizona, Bianca told me she wanted to take me hiking.  I was very excited as hiking is something I feel like I could truly get behind.  I'm not sure what I pictured exactly, but I did NOT picture this.

Luckily it wasn't blazing hot in Arizona the week we were there.  It was about 55 degrees when we started.  Don't worry, I heated up quickly.  When I saw the first big hill I thought I'd die and as it turns out this one isn't even big.

Pictures never ever do hills justice.  This is literally a mountain and I had to climb it.  It was definitely a challenge, but I loved every minute.  The views were so amazing.  I had to stop every few minutes just to snap pictures.

Including a selfie (of course)!

As we went further up the mountain, it was less of a trail as seen before, but more of just rock.  It took some finesse to make it up without killing myself.

Bianca moved with ease and kept me going the whole way.  She's a beast!

It took almost a full hour, but we made it to the top.  I was taken bake by the scene from the top.  Totally work every huff and puff.

My relationship with Bianca is so special to me.  She is one of the most selfless people I know.  She's easy going and genuinely kind and upbeat.  So if you're going to hike to the top a mountain with anyone, you'd want it to be Bianca.  I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

Thanks for taking me on this adventure B, it's not one I'll soon forget.

Tune in again soon for more Arizona adventures.  I thought this was great, but every day I spent in Arizona got more amazing than the next.


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