Thursday, August 25, 2016

Banff Vacation: Columbia Ice Fields

Who wants to go walk on a glacier?  Because that's a thing!  I couldn't believe it and was very excited for this portion of the vacation.  It was a tour booked again through Brewster.  I had no idea that the drive to the ice fields was 3 hours when I booked the excursion, but it was WELL worth the drive.  The drive up was FULL of amazing views and of course when we go there, the glaciers were amazing. 

I should mention that we were about 1 mile away form our destination so you know 2 hours 59 minutes into our 3 hour drive and George looks over at me and asks, "you have the tickets?"  Um no. NO I do NOT have the tickets.  I admit I panicked.  I said, "Let's just go home."  George stayed calm an we went into the booking place and they reissued our tickets with my confirmation email.  Thank God!  I was so, so thankful!

What does it take to get out on a glacier?  Well one of these bad boys-- an ice explorer with a price tag of $1 million. Crazy right?

It took us about 15 minutes to get out on the glacier and I'll be honest I was disappointed in the amount of space there was to move around.  I understand, they have to keep the people safe, but you were roped in a pretty small area.  But there are huge holes throughout and it's very easy (and dangerous) to fall through. Still, I wish there was more are to explore.  

Not allowed in this area 

Red tape marks the boundary 

Here's a glimpse of some of the "holes."  The water was so blue.  The aqua-ish color is caused by the "rock flower."  Rock flower is just basically rock dust and it only reflects the blue because of it's wavelength.  So it's pretty amazing to see this aqua blue water in the middle of a glacier.

This is the view facing back away from the glacier. Some people book tours to make the trek all the way up (remember it took us 15 minutes by vehicle) and some dumbass people try to do it alone.  Our guide told us they lose people every year.  Sad that people are so dumb.

To be able to say we walked on a glacier in the middle of the Canadian Rockies is pretty cool!  It was definitely a highlight of our trip. 

I hope my kids always remember this trip and all the awe inspiring things we saw and did.  I hope they're not too young.  They all talked about coming back some day with their own kids.  I hope they do.

I'll leave you with this pictures.  Because.  Hello.  Cute!


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