Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Banff Vacation: Johnston Canyon

When I booked our trip to Canada, I worried that there wouldn't be enough stuff to keep up busy.  I thought we'd spend a lot of time swimming at the pool and relaxing.  Um wrong. There is soooooo much to do at Banff National Park, you could stay busy for weeks.  I simply found out the best things to do by using, Trip Advisor, locals (servers etc), and our hotel manager.  

Johnston Canyon was a recommendation of our hotel manager.  She said there would be great views of waterfalls and she wasn't kidding.  

We got to the falls and the rapid flowing water was so pretty.  Again I rushed to take pictures not knowing we'd see far better views as we scaled the canyon.

My kids were really into taking pictures on the rocks so it worked out.

The hike to the top of the Canyon (on the trail that is) was 1.5 miles.  That meant we would get to see the Upper Falls.  I was determined to do it.

I honestly didn't know what Jack's hiking capabilities were, but I hoped he could make it.

The hiking trail was actually very easy to traverse.  I believe it was a manmade trail making it easy for hikers to make it to the top.  I saw young and old alike.  

Most people stopped at the Lower Falls and it was very busy to get a picture.  We had such an easy time getting that far so we decided to keep going.

It was worth it to go to the Upper Falls because hardly anyone was there and it was much bigger and such a sight to see.  The pictures never do all the beauty justice.

I really love the pictures we took at the top of the falls.  It was so peaceful up there with all the rushing water and the sound of the tranquil waterfall. Again, the kids were super  into taking pictures here.  

The also managed to get a rare shot of just mom and dad.  I really love this pic!

On the way back down the Canyon, we climbed these rocks.  It may not look steep in the pictures but it really was.  George passed and was all nervous watching us go up.  It wasn't actually hard going up, it was the coming down that was hard.

You only get some chances in life once in a while or maybe even once.  I did a little rock climbing at Johnston Canyon in Banff National Park.  It was worth scaring George.

He did come up and rescue Ella on the way down.  She was scared, but she did great!

I take all these pictures to help me remember.  I don't think I'll soon forget!  Come back soon for our next adventure in Banff.  


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