Thursday, September 1, 2016

First Day of School 2016

Another school year begins.  We had such a great summer so it was particularly hard to go back!
I find it hard to believe I have an 8th grader.  I mean I can clearly remember and have horrid fond memories of my 8th grade year.

Despite digging my heels in, it keeps happening. They keep getting older and older.  I do love this child even at this age.  His sense of humor is what keeps me loving him daily even when he's in the brain fog of teenagerhood.

Ella is entering 5th grade and is in a whole new building this year.  It seems crazy to me because that was just Nicholas and now he's gone and the oldest in his building.  Ugh... again, make it stop! Of course Ella was more worried about outfits, hair and supplies than anything else.  She wore her topknot or "man bun" as she likes to call it.  That girl!


Ella came home at the end of the day and reported all good things. Then she says, "It was too much Power Points with rules.  Let's get to the learning!"  So I guess she's excited to learn!

Jack is a third grader this year.  Not going to say it again (STOP THE GROWING... did I say it? Out loud?) He is VERY excited about his teacher.  She's one of the best. ONE (just in case Kylie is reading I said one... not THE best).

He was beyond happy at the start of the day and dare I say even more at the end.

If felt good to send them off and then get a GREAT first day report.

I think Sid missed them too.  Or maybe she just enjoyed back-to-school with an uninterrupted nap on the couch.

Best of luck for an amazing school year my loves.


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