About Me

Hi my name is Susan and I am a 39 year old Mother of 3 small children.  My children are Nicholas (10), Ella (8), and Jack (6).  They really are the main focus and source of enjoyment in my life.  I have been married to my husband, George, for 11 years and we agree that raising our children is our most important job. 

I believe that part of being a good mom is taking care of myself.  Let's face it... If mom ain't happy ain't nobody happy.  In order to keep myself happy I have to keep myself fit.  I started off doing small stuff at the gym.  I was intimidated and out of shape.  I did the elliptical on level 4 (there were 20 levels on that machine) and was huffing and puffing.  Eventually the elliptical got "easy" and I needed more to challenge myself so I started running on the treadmill.    Eventually I tried some races like 5Ks and finally decided to try to run a ran a half marathon.

As of today (October 2013) I have run 12 half marathons and 3 full marathons.

I also took up cycling and have done 2 half centuries, 2 70 mile rides, and also attempted my first full century (June 2010).  During this ride, I crashed my bike going almost 30 mph.  I was left with a fractured shoulder and wrist.  I had surgery to repair my shoulder and spent almost 7 weeks in bed helping it to properly heal.  It took a long time to battle back from my injury, but I look forward to completing that 100 miles some day! 

I also got the Triathlon bug in the summer of 2009 when I completed my first Triathlon.  I think triathlons are my favorite event and I really look forward to doing more!  I've done several sprint Tris and completed my first Olympic tri in September of 2013.  I really want to tackle the Half Iron distance and look forward to that challenge next all.   My ultimate dream is to one day be an ironman! 

I am a Pittsburgh girl and love all Pittsburgh sports including the Steelers (my first love), the Penguins and even the Pirates.  My family and I relocated from Pittsburgh, PA to Austin, TX in 2010 and lived in Austin for exactly 2 years.  We loved the city and the opportunities it provided us to stay fit and active.  My husband was offered the opportunity to move back to Pittsburgh for his job and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to be close to family.  A piece of my heart will ALWAYS be in Texas.  The people I met in Texas were some of the best people I've encountered in my life.  We've been happily settled back in Pittsburgh since August of 2012.  I'm thankful to be close to my family and back with all my great Pittsburgh friends.  

I hope you'll follow me on my many adventures and watch me Mom.Swim.Bike.Run