Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Time Off and Tune Belt Giveaway

Well hello there lovelies.  It's been awhile since there's been any swim, bike, run up in here.  I think I've finally fully recovered from my surgery (I guess I owe you a post on all the details... later).  I took a FULL two weeks off from any form of exercise.  I intended to return Monday, but then Nicholas came down with strep throat and I made my return today.

I went to CrossFit this morning.  OMG do NOT EVER as in EVER take time off from CrossFit.  It is so hard to get back into CrossFit shape.  Oddly enough it's the cardio that kills me.  I just can't work at max level for such a long time without feeling like I'm going to lose my Wheaties.

Today's WOD:

2 RFT (Rounds For Time)

50 Alternating Kettlebell swings (35 lbs Rx)
10 Pull ups (assisted with Black Band)
40 SDHP (Summon Deadlift High Pull) 35 lbs Rx
10 Pistols (one legged squat) assisted
30 Wall Balls (14 lbs Rx)
10 Calorie Row

Well let me just tell you, that little WOD right there kicked my butt.  My heart was into it figuratively, but it was not literally.  My heart and lungs were on fire and I kept having to take breaks.  It was pretty much brutal.  I finished in 18:43 with two scaled movements (pistols and pull ups)

Here's the deal with CrossFit.  I don't go that often (about twice a week), but that's not because I wouldn't love to.  I love CrossFit and I'd like to go every day, but a) I can't justify the expense and b) I can't be an "endurance athlete" and do CrossFit.  MY BODY just doesn't like the combo.  So yeah, it's REALLY HARD to improve at something you only do twice a week, but I've vowed to step it where I can.

I don't know if I'll ever be able to do an unassisted pull up.  I just don't know, but I know I can swing a kettle bell at the prescribed weight.  Was it fun?  Abso-freaking-lutely not, but it challenged me and I need that.  You're never going to get any better just doing the same thing over and over again.  Isn't that the definition of insanity?  Doing something over and over again and expecting a different result.  So while I may not be able to do a pull-up (right now) I can increase my weight and stop being such a p#$%y about it.  That's my new CrossFit philosophy.

Just to be extra smart stupid, I also decided I would go for a run this afternoon.  I set out to do 3 miles with my friend Jami with my new Tune Belt.

I have an iPhone 5.  They sent me the Tune Belt to use WITH my otterbox (protective case) as I said I didn't want to have to take it out each time.  (Model AB84)

I really liked the way you could see and still USE the touch screen through the Tune Belt.  The first thing I noticed about the Tune Belt when I put it on was how firmly it held in place.  There's nothing worse than something slipping around when you're trying to run.  Listen, I have enough of a hard time trying to keep my pants from falling down, I don't need to worry about my iPhone carrying case slipping around everywhere too.  That was NOT a problem.  It stayed firmly in place and I barely noticed it.

The one thing I will say is it was a little hot.  I was sweating under there, but I imagine that would be true of any case.  I haven't use a carrying device like this in the past, but I imagine it would be pretty common place.  I think it would feel more comfortable for me if I wore it over a shirt and not on my bare skin.  That being said, when I took it off and saw the amount of sweat on the case, I was scared my phone would be wet.  It was NOT!  Yay neoprene!

I definitely liked it and can see myself using it in races when all I want to carry is my phone and nothing else.  I'll be honest, I'd rate this one 5 out of 5 stars.  I really can't think of any flaws.

So what do you think?  Would you like to try a Tune Belt?  The lovely people over at Tune Belt are offering my readers a chance to try out their own.  Use the Rafflecopter below to enter.  I will pick a random winner on Monday November 10th at midnight EST.  Good Luck!

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robringer said...

I would use my time belt for all my runs

Jenn said...

My current band will not hold my iPhone 5 in the otterbox.....I would love this!!

Bayou Runners (HD) said...

I would use it to run in the neighborhood.

Ima Mosier said...

I need a tune belt to use when I carry my iphone 5 in my Otterbox.

cynthiac said...

I would use it with my iPod for my daily walk

Sue Ellison said...

I would use it for my phone when I go walking.

Sandra said...

Started walking at least a mile a day 2 months ago. This would be great to have.

Erica Carnes said...

I'd use it for my running and biking.

Laurie Emerson said...

I would use it for my iPhone when I run everyday.

Atreau said...

I would use it while on the treadmill!

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