Sunday, December 29, 2013

Happy 12 Year Anniversary

Today is George's and my 12th Anniversary (of our marriage, we've been together 18 years!!!).  I thought I'd show you what 12 years and 3 kids does to a lady's face.  haha

On our honeymoon in 2001
Last week 
Anyway, here's a look back at my man in 2013.  Be jealous ladies.  haha  Love you George!  


Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas morning may just well be the best day of the year.   Even if you are operating on little sleep and no one gave you any time to get coffee.  The kids were instructed no wake ups before 7 am.  Sure enough, 7:03 we heard the patter of little feet.  This year, they had to wait while George took the dog out, so at least I got to brush my teeth.  But soon enough it was time, and the kids came barreling down the stairs to see what Santa had brought them.  

It didn't take long for them to sit down and start ripping into things.

Santa does leave a few things unwrapped.  Those are usually their "big ticket" items that they've asked for.  In this case (the jersey) I think Santa just got lazy with this last minute gift.

Nicholas' biggest unwrapped Santa gift was actually outside.  He wanted (and got) a lacrosse net.  That thing is HUGE!!!  I think Santa HAD to leave it outside.

This family is all hockey all the time.  If they're not playing on the ice, then it's in the driveway, or on the Xbox, or down in the basement playing knee hockey.  Both Nicholas and Jack wanted knee hockey goalie sticks (and they got them).

Sticking with the hockey theme, Nicholas also got new roller blades for driveway hockey.  He was VERY excited about these and even went out and used them in the snowy driveway.

And AGAIN sticking with the hockey theme, Nicholas got a Fathead of himself.  It was something he hadn't asked for and I wondered what his reaction to it would be.  Um.. it was his favorite gift.

I was so afraid Nicholas would be upset with Santa this year as he didn't get anything to "play" with, but he told me ahead of time he'd be happy with Santa no matter what.  Truth be told, I think he was happier than any of the other kids.  And just FYI he's not a believer.

Ella was very excited to get her beats.  FINALLY (since her brothers already have them).  Now there will always be peace and quiet in my car.

Her big ticket item was her American Girl doll, Saige.  She wanted her so badly and Santa left it unwrapped by her pile.  She was so happy. For some reason, I don't have a picture of it.  Ella had a ton of gifts (not sure how that happened as Santa has the same budget for all).  Ella's easy because she's always pleased with clothes too.

Jack started with his stocking, but I told him to switch over to his presents (knowing his biggest gift was in the bottom of his stocking).

Jack's big gift was his new (upgraded) iPod 

He also got Disney Infinity for Xbox,

and the green airplane Lego.  Those were the items he wanted the most.

Of course there were other odds and ends too.  

I feel incredibly lucky that Santa was able to provide such an awesome Christmas for my kids.  I realize my kids are privileged and I'm careful to instill in them values to not become ungrateful brats.  It's hard because I want to give my kids the world and I also want to teach them gratitude, appreciation and to be kind, and giving people.  It's a balancing act.  I hope the scales are tipping in the right direction.  

Anyway, I hope everyone had a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS (if you celebrate) and look forward to sharing many more with you right here on Mom Swim Bike Run.  Thanks for being here.